How Safe Does Your Team Feel?

secrets to creating high performing teams

Recent research from Google has revealed the secrets to creating high performing teams. It comes down to two essential elements – the team members being heard (each person feeling they have an equal ‘voice’), and how the team interacts. 

Specifically, high performing teams demonstrate high levels of Psychological Safety (they feel safe to take risks), Dependability (everyone follows through and completes quality work on time), Structure & Clarity (everyone understands their role and the specific goals they are working towards), Meaning (they work with a sense of true purpose), and Impact (the team makes a difference). So how does your current team rate in these key areas?

If you think there is room for improvement, let us know – we’d love to help you identify gaps, and support you to create a team that really hums. To get you started, Core offers a lively and interactive half-day workshop – where your team will create a set of guiding principles and key behaviours – that will help leverage performance and increase satisfaction. 

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