Holding Hands Across Space

A brief reflection from one of our Director’s, Robyn Wynne-Lewis …

Today I was reflecting on a ‘coachable moment’ that I was on the receiving end of, and it didn’t quite bring the deep sense of being seen and understood and met as an equal that I have been privileged to receive at other times. It was a great learning for me, however, as coaching is part of what I do for a living, and it’s always good to be reminded of what creates those sacred moments, and what works against them. I am often told by my own colleagues, partner and children that I can be over-instructive.

It’s not often I am moved to poetry, but at 4.45am this morning as I was reflecting on my insights, here’s what came.

The space between one person who is searching, and another, is sacred.
If the searcher knew how to leap across, they would have by now.
The not knowing needs to be honoured. 
In that pause, allow your hearts to meet. 
A wisdom beyond either of you may appear.
From your mouth, or theirs, through silent eyes 
or outstretched hand, the gap is breached
and both are richer.

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