Emerging Leaders Don’t Want a Seat at the Table – They Want a Whole New Table

Loretta Brown, one of NZ’s top executive coaches, recently made a powerful comment about high level CEOs and executives she works with despairing at the, “ … destructive and toxic” nature of the corporate world.

I see so many capable and inspired future leaders coming through our workshops who want to see radical change in our corporate cultures, including how people relate to one another in the workplace, yet when they return to the reality of their offices, they get sucked back into the vortex created by poor leadership – disengagement, unresolved conflict, poor communication, lack of accountability etc.

Amidst the doom and gloom, however, Loretta offers a message of hope at the emergence of a new breed of leaders who, “ …are starting to challenge century old organisational thinking and to radically rethink the objectives of work and business.  Delivering commercial success remains critical of course, but it is being accomplished with new priorities.”  These priorities include having a clear sense of purpose – beyond financial gain and growth at any cost – plus having uncompromising ethics that act as a moral compass to drive decision making. The full article is well worth a read.

Who are the emerging leaders in your world who are shaking up the old expectations of leadership and corporate culture?

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