The Gift of Pure Presence

Can you say that you are truly present to the important people in your life – those you lead, your colleagues, your family – in a way that makes them feel they are ‘being received’?

Brian Draper’s wonderful book ‘Less is More’ has some great messages about the role of spiritual intelligence in helping us as leaders to be more fully present to those around us. I love his rather poetic description of what so many of us are yearning for … to be deeply heard.

Amid the white noise of a world surfing the airwaves.

Amid the narrow-casts, broadcasts, and podcasts.

Caught in the radio signals, mobile downloads, and webcasts.

Up with the static and the crackle of interference …

one simple signal still pulses from ages past, like a heartbeat:

 Are you receiving me?

Are you receiving me?

Are you receiving me?

Who in your life would benefit from the gift of your pure presence?

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