Keeping the Magic Alive

This message is particularly for graduates of the Leadership Development Intensive (LDI) or Leadership for Women (but hey, we’d welcome your feedback anyway on how best to keep the learning alive following a training engagement!)  We think our leadership programmes are pretty special, and the consistent feedback we get is that you do too. But when we […]

How Safe Does Your Team Feel?

Recent research from Google has revealed the secrets to creating high performing teams. It comes down to two essential elements – the team members being heard (each person feeling they have an equal ‘voice’), and how the team interacts.  Specifically, high performing teams demonstrate high levels of Psychological Safety (they feel safe to take risks), Dependability (everyone follows […]

Let’s stop being politically correct – if you manage people you should avoid doing these 5 things!

Managing people is hard. It’s time consuming, frustrating, sometimes unrewarding, and certainly not for everyone. In many cases, it’s also unwanted.We’re often thrust into a management role because we’ve performed well in a frontlinesales, marketing, or other technical position, but we’re not given the training or support we need to be successful leading others. Even […]