Riding The Waves

Work stress is on the rise in New Zealand (Business New Zealand Wellness in the Workplace 2017 Survey Report). As Kiwis we tend to accept work stress as inevitable and tell ourselves to “harden up”. But that’s a strategy designed to fail. If we don’t acknowledge the toll stress can take on our performance, health, and relationships, and develop strategies to build resilience and cope more effectively with stress, we put ourselves at greater risk of crisis and burnout.

This one-day, interactive workshop provides the essential framework for managing work stress and maintaining resilience. It draws on best practice from Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Positive Psychology to create a simple toolkit for every-day and any-time use.

Developed by a clinical psychologist, the workshop is grounded in the science of personal change: where to start and what to focus on to make a real difference, so you can better “ride the waves” of work pressure and stay optimistic and connected with what you enjoy about your role.

  • Discover your power to master your stress response, using the CBT approach
  • Incorporate resilience practices into everyday life
  • Create a concrete action plan to deal with a key work stressor

This workshop is provided by Dr Branko Coebergh and Veronica Chalmers in partnership with Core Leadership.