Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is often identified as a key competency gap in both emerging and experienced leaders, but how do you actually learn to ‘think strategically’? This highly stimulating and unique course equips you with a range of skills to develop and stretch your creative muscles in order to lay the foundations of a strategic mindset. It will also give you a range of tools and models to turn ideas into reality, and help you develop an innovation culture in your organisation.

  • Learn to recognise opportunities others have missed and harness these for competitive advantage
  • Develop a continuous improvement mindset that allows you to reframe mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Gain clarity around complex decision making by developing the ability to recognise critical trends & patterns

Strategic Thinking is available as an in-house programme allowing you the flexibility to customise the content to suit the needs of your organisation. It is also occasionally offered as an open enrollment public course. The dates and details are available here.